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  • Situation
    This major automotive manufacturer needed to re-design their incentives business process. Incentives are a complicated part of the automotive business and a key lever for a manufacturer to adjust to the marketplace throughout the year. Issuing and managing incentives involves everyone from senior management, regional marketing, technology operations on down to the dealers themselves. Given that 40 people from 3 countries were going to need to participate in the business process redesign, the work needed to be tightly coordinated and the collaboration process well structured.

  • Octave's Contribution
    In order to ensure that the right information was in the room, a consulting team spent 3 months gathering enough information to closely detail and map the interactions between the people, processes and tools being used during the incentive lifecycle. When exhibits had been developed with enough information, the 40 executives flew in for a 2-day Resonate Workshop™ to review the current state and design a future state. In the course of 2 days, 4 multi-disciplinary teams competitively redesigned the incentives process from end-to-end. After presenting their results, they worked collaboratively to meld the best ideas into a single new redesign process.

  • Benefits
    In the course of a 2-day workshop, the client was able to have the people who knew the processes best from across the firm participate in the incentives business process redesign. Some of them were skeptical in the beginning. But at the end, they all stood in front of their new creation for a team photograph. The implementation process is currently well underway.
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