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  • Situation
    The client is a division of the world's leading toymaker with multiple products including magazines, books and toys. They also go to market via direct mail, retail and the Internet. They wanted to revamp their eCommerce efforts, but they also knew that each stakeholder in each channel was going to have to be involved in any changes.

  • Octave's Contribution
    Octave used the Resonate Approach™ to design a 3 week process for collaborative strategy development. Through a series of intense workshops focused on key areas including problem definition, future state development and organizational changes, the client team developed a strategy far larger than originally envisioned. They developed a strategy to use the Internet to coordinate all their channels, online and offline. They also developed recommendations for organizational changes which would enable the strategy to be deployed more effectively.

  • Benefits
    When the client team presented their strategy, their manager said it was the best presentation that the organization had ever done. Immediate work commenced on their action plan for channel coordination, including redesigning their eCommerce site (now completed) and making key organizational changes that the client team recommended.
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