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  • The client is a multi-billion dollar, international concern.
    Traditionally a holding company, they had begun to shift into an operating company. The recent launch of their new branding strategy was under way and they were realizing that a holding company has a different type of homepage on the Internet than an operating company. However, crafting a new homepage meant that all of the marketing leaders from all of the 5 major business units were going to need to collaborate on it.

  • Octave's Contribution
    Octave used the Resonate Approach™ to design a 4 month process for collaborative strategy development. The discovery portion of the process included internal stakeholder interviews and external interviews with customers across the business. A series of presentational workshops was executed to continually share progress with the team and to get quick resolution on key issues and get strategic decisions made quickly.

  • Benefits
    Ultimately, the strategy delivered a purposeful rationalization, coordination, and redesign of the universe of the client's major company websites. The team recommended the deployment of a single corporate site to serve all the major organizations, served by a single content management system, and managed by a cross-functional team for greater organizational impact on business development. After the successful delivery of the new solution in early 2003, the client continues to use this model of collaborative strategy development for their next major cross-organizational initiative.
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