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  • At Octave, we bring strong process skills and deep expertise in strategy development to the table so that your team can focus on what you know best: your business.

    Rather than specialize in a single industry or one-dimensional strategy methodology, we've developed a specialty in how executive teams develop effective strategies. This enables us to help your team work faster and more efficiently.

  • Why collaborative strategy development? Because strategy is almost always "horizontal," meaning that it requires multiple teams, departments or business units to work together for successful implementation. Which means that members of multiple groups need to be involved in developing strategies they will be called upon to implement.

  • But it's easier to talk about doing collaborative strategy development than it is to do it. It's hard to align constituents on the real problem to be solved. If a strategy appears to represent the interests of a few, some key players will inevitably check out of the development process and opt out of the implementation process.
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