• Often strategies can't be executed because nobody really understands them. Octave uses a clear process and set of tools to help our clients overcome these obstacles and reap the benefits of collaborative strategy development.

  • By using Octave's Resonate Approach™, our clients find they get:

    1 - Greater strategic impact.
    Many years of research indicate that the best ideas come from multidisciplinary teams. But getting those teams to understand each other and work well together is its own challenge. Our clients discover that their cross-functional team's effectiveness is increased by our simple, structured processes for group collaboration. So they can reap the benefit of bringing a diverse group of minds to the work.

    2 - Instant organizational buy-in.
    Working with Octave means that "outsiders" do not create the strategy. Octave's purpose is to enable our clients to do their own strategy work and make the key decisions. After all, they're the ones who have to implement the strategy when we leave.

    3 - A way to do more with less.
    It only requires a few Octave consultants (1-4) to augment and increase the effectiveness of client teams. Working with Octave enables our clients to complete strategy work faster, with less wasted effort, and much less expense.
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