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  • Octave's Resonate™ framework is intended to bring as much of these categories of information into the room with the executive team in formats that are usable and enable rapid collaborative strategy development. Our approach has three phases of delivery.

The Resonate process is designed
to get the right people into the Workshop with the best informa-tion available to conduct a rapid, fact-based decision making process.
Success begins with careful planning right from the start.

The Resonate Kickoff Meeting brings together the key project team members.
Using a simple facilitated process, the team rapidly works to develop all the key facts known at the outset, and to identify any unknown areas that require explo-ration during the research phase.

The team also works collaboratively to define a clear list of the issues that the project needs to address.
Those challenges are then prioritized and an action plan is developed to gather all the information that needs to be synthesized or researched so that all the right information is in the room for the Resonate Workshop.

Every team leaves their kickoff meeting with consensus on their challenges and an action plan
for the Research phase.

Most executive teams get together with the idea that they already "know what we need to know".
This ignores a fundamental law of strategy, the importance of asking, "What don't we know that we want to know?"

During collaborative strategy development, three core types of information must be gathered, synthesized and prepared in a format that enables powerful dialogues amongst the partici-pants.
The data provided must also contribute to accurate problem definition and challenge identification. The material required for this work falls into three general categories:

1 - Information about the Current State.
Information that helps to clarify how the company operates now.
- Current financial performance
- Historical trend data
- Customer data
- Customer surveys
- Brand analysis

2 - Information about the Market Environment.
Information that helps to drive insights about the market in which the company operates.
- About the competitive analysis
- Industry data
- Relevant awards
- Industry analyst's published opinions
- Relevant journalism

3 - Information about Potential Futures.
Information that helps to the participants make connections beyond their usual field of thinking.
- Case studies of innovators outside the industry
- Information about catastrophic business failures
- Published opinions of iconoclasts

The Resonate Workshop is a
collaborative strategy work session which is optimized to speed the understanding of complex issues, build clarity and consensus on the problems at hand, and to generate bigger and better actionable solutions.

Resonate's impact and success are driven by three factors:

1 - The ability of executive teams to work faster.
When the wealth of information required for smart decisions has been optimized and diagrammed for quicker gestalt and deeper understanding. This is accomplished in the Research phase.

2 - Octave's deep understanding of group problem solving enables this workshop to stand out.
Because the team works from a common platform of understand-ing and generates better ideas because they are better informed by the amount of information present for them to build on.

3 - The action planning activities
that are designed into every Resonate Workshop ensures that the group not only leaves excited about their solutions, but that all the participants are truly committed to staying focused through implementation.

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