• At Octave, we believe in giving credit where credit is due, especially when it comes to ideas. So when our clients ask us what drives our process and why our meetings and workshops seem to go so well, we tell them that Octave's process work is founded on a firm grasp of the creative problem solving process model developed by Dr. Min Basadur.

    At the highest level, problem solving is inevitably a three phase process: problem definition, solution definition, solution implementation. However, Dr. Basadur's model goes deeper into 8 specific steps that can be carried out by a group.

    This last point is especially important because much of the work done on innovation focuses either too high (at the corporate level) or too low (at the individual level) to be of direct use in strategy development. The Basadur model's strength is its applicability to group work.

    Additionally this model is really a problem solving architecture. It requires no rigidity in its application. It simply serves as a roadmap for where a group is in their strategy development process and what types of activities naturally need to follow for a speedy solution.

    At Octave, we apply this architecture to help our clients sequence their activities for maximum speed and effectiveness in strategy development.

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