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  • Many executives are understandably impatient with strategy development and strategic planning processes. To some, the "S-word" seems to mean "do nothing until we're done" or perhaps "do whatever you want, but when we're done with the strategy, we'll revisit all your key decisions." In the meantime, the business flags and falters with uncertainty.

  • There must be a way to develop clear strategies faster. After all, if you don't know the basic issues facing your business already, no strategy is going to save you. So how do you get a team to pull together an effective strategy quickly?

    First, you need a strong process that fits where your team is right now. Octave custom designs strategic development processes using what we call the Resonate Approach™, based on the Basadur Creative Problem Solving Model.

    Secondly, most of your team is still going to have a day job and you can't afford a large consulting team. That's why Octave fields micro-teams to support our clients. Only the skills you need to take the heat off your staff and no one charging you just to take you out to lunch.
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