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  • What is collaborative strategy development at Octave? Not just our collaboration with our clients. It means enabling your staff to collaborate together more effectively with a common language, common tools and a clear methodology.

  • When you engage with Octave, we will quickly share the core group problem solving tools, behaviors and concepts that will guide your team to success. We're not claiming it's rocket science, just that it will ensure effective, efficient teamwork. Without ever having to sing "Kumbaya".

  • Additionally, Octave's Resonate Approach™ is designed to ensure that all of your key stakeholders have the proper amount of input into the strategy development process without bogging it down. Octave's understanding of the basic creative problem solving process enables us to ensure that meetings and workshops are properly sequenced. So there is no revisiting of key decisions, no squeaky wheels arriving late in the game, and no more wasted time.
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